This is a preliminary schedule and subject to change.

Saturday, November 18, 2017: **TENTATIVE** Kildee Hall
8:00–8:30 am Registration (**TENTATIVE** Kildee Hall)
Assemble at **TENTATIVE** Kildee Hall (Lush Auditorium)
8:00 am Continental breakfast provided
8:15 am Welcome, announcements, and instructions (**TENTATIVE** Lush Auditorium)
8:30 am Welfare issues relevant to Farmed Fish (**TENTATIVE** Lush Auditorium)
9:00 am Welfare issues relevant to Meat Rabbits (**TENTATIVE** Lush Auditorium)
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Welfare issues relevant to Racing Greyhounds (**TENTATIVE** Lush Auditorium)
10:15 am Welfare issues relevant to Finisher Pigs on Small Commercial Teaching Farm (**TENTATIVE** Lush Auditorium)
Live Assessment begins
10:45 am (**Team/Group 1 begins at 11:15 am; last presentation complete ~6:00 pm**)
Lunch Available
11:30–1 pm Buffet provided
2:00–3:00 pm Refreshments provided
6:00 pm Reception (**TENTATIVE** Gateway Hotel)
Generously provided by our contest sponsors
Sunday, November 19, 2017: Scheman Building
8:00 am Assemble at Scheman Building (Benton Auditorium)
8:30 am Announcements and instructions (Benton Auditorium)
8:40 am Scenario 1 (Benton Auditorium)
9:10 am Scenario 2 (Benton Auditorium)
9:40 am Scenario 3 (Benton Auditorium)
10:10 am Begin oral assessment preparation
Additional time for judges to score scenarios
11:30–1:00 pm Lunch Available (Stage Door Lounge)
Boxed lunches provided (Stage Door Lounge)
12:30 pm Coach, Advisory Board, sponsor meeting
~3:00 pm Official assessment presentations by judges, participant survey completion, awards reception, and photos (Stage Door Lounge)
Assorted desserts provided