About the Contest


The Animal Welfare Assessment Contest (AWJAC) aims to provide a unique educational experience while strengthening student vocabulary and reasoning skills. The competition teaches students to assess the welfare of animals in a variety of settings using science-based methods and reasoning. Students are given the opportunity to weigh evidence and present sound evaluations. This contest ensures that tomorrow's leaders in the animal industries develop strong communication skills and acquire enhanced knowledge of animal welfare.

The contest is open to veterinary students, undergraduates, and graduate students. A limited number of veterinarians also take part each year as non-competitive participants.

2019 Host Institution

Colorado State University (CSU) will host the annual Animal Welfare Assessment Contest in 2019

Species covered in the 2019 contest include:

*Contestants will evaluate sheep in lairage, facility design, data/records, and effectiveness of captive bolt positioning. Live animal slaughter will not be assessed.

19th Annual Animal Welfare Assessment Contest Brochure

Please be prepared to assess the welfare of ALL aspects of each species' life, including but not limited to transport, housing, health, training, retirement, production, slaughter/euthanasia, etc.

For More Information

Please contact Dr. Sharon Kuca,(847) 285-6713;