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Sample Scenarios

During the contest, students will review computer-based presentations containing data, videos and photos of animals under two comparable situations. The presentation will run in a loop for approximately 20 minutes. Students will evaluate the different situations, prepare their analysis, and make an oral presentation to expert judges defending their assessment. Click on any of the links below to see examples of scenarios and corresponding assessments presentations analyses. The video example of a student oral presentation corresponds to the rabbit scenario (2007). PDFs of available scenarios can be found on the Past Scenarios and Contest Results page.


Aquaculture (2008)

Dairy Goat (2007)

Canine (2008)

Rabbit (2007)

Sheep Farm (2003)

Show Horse (2003)

Students also will view a live/on-site scenario at the host university. This portion of the contest may be completed as an individual or as part of a team. Students will have 20 minutes to view various stations at an actual animal facility; they will then prepare an analysis and present it to a panel of judges. The video below shows a team oral presentation based on a live laying-hen scenario (2016).